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Over the years we collected some wonderful maple the we use in our violin body's

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Hello and welcome to Brandon MacDougalls ‘Liquid Violins’. Our electric violins like a traditional violin are completely carved inside and out not unlike a sea shell!  We use high quality maple woods hand selected with internal pickups that we make in-house, including electronic bridges, chin rests, and custom finishes.

Our body design eliminates the need for expensive third party pre-amps and batteries are not required! There is really nothing quite like it in the electronic violin world today. The concept was to build a better sounding e-violin via 3D imaging that uses the inside cavities of the violin to control tone and reduce feedback.

Coming in around 1.7 lbs. “ depending on wood” our violins are wonderful to play, with an acoustic output at over 80 decibel’s. My violin design fits all 4/4 cases, shoulder and chin rests. In addition, our violins uses custom and standard bridges for all players. Drop us a line via ”e-mail”. Custom choices of colors, frets, string combos and stereo electronics are available. International sales welcome upon request.


Welcome to Liquid violins

Welcome to Liquidviolins revolutionizing  electric violins  through 3D technology.


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